SWEAGLOB is a platform for business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and change makers, actors of development and institutions to gain insight into Africa and be exposed to the continent opportunities. The members of the boards and the consultancy team are development actors, official of international organizations, scientists, researchers, and lawyers and responsible of international relations in companies with large experience in business management and sustainable development.

Our vision is:

To be a global club of actors of development with a multi-service platform of access and investment into Africa.

To serve as the bridge between western and Africa business communities.

To serve as business incubator on both Africa continent and Sweden.


Through our local and International networks, SWEAGLOB will help companies, institutions and organisations to:

  • Find the right strategic partners to operate in Africa
  • Endorse partnership with African companies
  • Accelerate their expansion into Africa
  • Get direct introductions to potential clients or partners
  • Increase more efficient and less risky trade in Africa
  • Make a legal and financial audit to optimize and secure their investment projects in Africa
  • Gather local intelligence and support
  • Grow revenues in exciting new markets
  • Promote sustainable business opportunities on the Africa continent
  • Make auditing and financial control
  • Promote social business both in Sweden and Africa
  • Establish knowledge transfer
  • Get strategic advice and consultancies
  • Serve as umbrella organization for no profit organization (sustainable development project for Africa: project analyse and executor, control and auditing).



SWEAGLOB is the promoter and instigator of business opportunities on the Africa continent and serves as bridge between western and African business communities.

SWEAGLOB serves also as business incubator on both the Africa continent and Sweden.

SWEAGLOB analyses, executes, controls and performs auditing for sustainable development projects on Africa continent for its partners..

SWEDISH - AFRICAN GLOBAL BUSINESS --www.sweaglob.com--Mail: info@sweaglob.com-- Phone: 0046762800486 Adress: Glimmervägen 2 -- 19341 Sigtuna- Sweden